Grateful – Discipline for Success

Grateful Heart

How does a grateful heart lead to success? Is a grateful heart really a discipline for success? It really is a discipline for success. This is the discipline that will overcome jealousy which will hinder you achieving your goals.

It is easy to do a search and see numerous studies that support the fact that being grateful will lead to success. This is one of the studies that I read. Looks at all the things there that come from a grateful heart. It is interesting when secular research confirms what the Bible teaches.

Jealousy is one of the heart issues that hinder achieving your goals. What will overcome jealousy? Grateful heart is what is needed to overcome this. Think about it, we are jealous of someone else’s financial situation (usually meaning they have more money than we do), or the amount of time that others or maybe someone else’s health. When we are jealous we are not grateful. So to overcome this hinderance we need to be grateful.

Is a grateful heart a discipline?

Yes, Gratefulness is a discipline. It does not come naturally. A discipline is something that we need to learn and practice. So practice gratefulness.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Paul writes, ” give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” Giving thanks is a command. We are to give thanks in all circumstances so there are no exceptions. This is what God wants us to do.

Our thankfulness should come because we know God is in control, that he is working for our good, and when we give thanks we are honouring God. This should not be something that we are doing just to make us a better person.

Grateful Heart

How a grateful heart changes you.

A grateful heart changes your focus. Jealousy focuses at what you do not have but a grateful heart focuses at what you have. Focusing on what you have allows you to enjoy and work with what you have instead of trying to get things. Remember how Ahab looked at Naboth’s vineyard. That became his focus and when he couldn’t have it he pouted. It is after that event that Elijah speaks the message from the Lord telling Ahab what would happen to him. (I Kings 21) A grateful heart focuses on being thankful for what you have. The focus is on what can be done.

A grateful heart changes your attitude. Your attitude is how you think and feel about things. Having a grateful heart will change how you view things in your life. A grateful attitude is a step in getting things done. When you are grateful, your attitude will be the foundation for getting things done.

A grateful heart impacts those around you. A grateful person is happier, kinder, and forgiving. Your relationships with others will impact how you are able to get things done.

As I pondered what it was that would overcome jealousy, a grateful heart was not my first thought. As I sat down to write, I began to realise that it is this that will overcome jealousy.

A Challenge to practice

I am going to challenge myself and each of you to take the next 30 days and each day write down thinks that you are thankful for. So, find a notebook, write it in your planner, create a document on your computer but for 30 days write down the things you are thankful for. See how that changes your life. Begin to make this a discipline in your life.

I think this is written for me as much as anyone else. I have something coming up next week that I need to practice this discipline.

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