About Beth

About Beth

Beth author of As He Leads is Joy

Hello, my name is Beth. My desire is to challenge and encourage you to grow and thrive. Learning who God is and how you can serve him. I want to give guidance to women who want to grow.

Grab a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Let’s sit and chat. I want you to share just a bit about me to help you understand who I am and give a bit of background about myself as that impacts who I am and what I share or write about here.

I am married to Stuart and mom to two children, one bio and one adopted. My daughter has Down Syndrome so I might talk about special needs at times. Here is a bit I wrote about World Down Syndrome Day.

How I Got Here – From Asia to England

I was raised in a Christian home and I am so thankful for all the truths I learned as a child, the example from my parents, and the teaching through the years are all part of the foundation of truth in my life.

I went to a Christian university because I was told that is where you meet a Christian husband. I got my degree but it wasn’t until 16 years later that I married. It was 36 and 11 months when that happened. God used those years as a single to teach and prepare me. I have some adventures and stories from those years.

I worked for 13 years for a company that I said I would never work for (that is a story for another day). I worked in the international purchasing/manufacturing beginning in the USA office and then moved to Asia and worked there for a number of years. It was in Asia where I met my husband; it was five years later until we got married. I sometimes write about what it was like living and working in Asia.

I have a Master’s degree in TESOL. I have used that in ministry teaching English in Asia to students going overseas to study. I have memories of many students and the joy knowing of some who came to know Jesus and are serving him.

We are missionaries serving the Lord in a cross-cultural ministry. Working with a people group that is neither our home culture or our host culture. It is truly a cross-cultural ministry.

I grew up in a small town in the US with a cornfield in my backyard and have lived in big cities in Asia, cities with millions of people. Currently, we are living in England. I have driven on both sides of the road and just try to make sure I am doing that in the correct country.

My passion is to know God. I want to learn who God is and see who I am and grow in knowing and serving him. I want to look at heart issues to help us grow. I want to share these truths to both encourage and challenge you. I invite you to join me and we can encourage one another.

I write about our walk with God, prayer, missions, setting goals, getting things done, and being and doing all that God wants for each of us. Here is a series that I wrote on praying for missionaries.

About the Name As He Leads is Joy

My life has not always been what I had planned but it is As He Leads and I have found that there is Joy as He Leads. My blog’s name comes from my great aunt, who taught me to say, “As He Leads is Joy.”

Let’s Chat

I write a series called Chats Over Coffee on topics that are on my mind and might benefit you too. You can also get to know me by browsing posts I wrote on that topic.

So what do you want me to know about you? Tell me about you in the comments, or send me an email.

I desire to write biblical, authentic, and encouraging posts giving guidance for women who want to grow.

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