3 Things You Need to Know about this blog for 2019

3 Things You Need to Know about this blog for 2019

3 Things You Need to Know about this blog for 2019

Who am I? I ask myself that question at times. While I might be asking that, it is also a question that you, the readers, might be asking. Who is Beth? You can read the about me that I wrote when I began the blog. I thought I would write a 2019 Edition of my passion as I write this year.

I enjoy reading blogs and one of the first things I often read is the “About me”. Writing the “about me” post is a hard post to write but I find it helpful to learn about the author. It helps me to know who they are, their experiences and the foundation for their writing. I want you to feel like you know me. Stick around let’s get to know each other. Here is a bit about me in 2019.

Things to know about me

I am facing retirement, retiring from home education teaching. We are finishing the last courses and then my son will be a high school graduate and I can retire. That means I can sort through all the shelves of books. It also means a bit more time. I am praying about how to use my time and taking that slow. That is the big change that I am looking at this year.

I like coffee and often write while I have a cup of coffee. So this blog is best enjoyed with a hot beverage but can be enjoyed without that.

I have some sewing projects that I began years ago that I need to finish. There was progress in 2018 but there are still a few things that need to be completed. I don’t always finish everything I begin.

I dream of having an organised computer. Any tips on accomplishing that?

3 Things to know about my writing

I want my life and my writing here to be biblical. The world can easily pull us from the truth. So to know the truth I need to be grounded in God’s Word. I want the words I write to point to the truth, be grounded in that truth and cause each of us to grow in truth. For this to happen, I need to spend time in the Word. I will be sharing my spiritual goals with you. This post will help you to write your own. I want to dig deep into God’s Word and will share that with you. So know that my writing will be based on the truth from God’s Word.

I strive to be authentic here. The things that I write and share are a combination of what I am learning and ways that God is challenging me. Don’t think that I have mastered this. I am right here with you learning and growing. I struggle with some areas but I know God is faithful. So as I write this year I want to be authentic with you sharing my struggles and also my joys. I want you to know that I am real and what I am writing is for me even more than you.

I want my words and my life to be encouraging. What does that mean? I need to understand encouragement. Encouragement is “the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.” (Oxford Dictionary) Support could be the words or truth to help you continue. It might be the direction or the truth to help you. Our confidence needs to come from God who he is and what he can do. Our hope is in God. I desire to be encouraging you through what I write.

What are three things that you can share about yourself? Help me to know you, the reader. Put it in the comments or contact me.

So these are three things from me this year on my blog — biblical, authentic, and encouraging. All of this gives you guidance to grow.

A blog dedicated to giving you biblical, authentic, encouraging guidance to help you grow.

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