Caring for our Physical Body

Caring for our Physical Body

I think this post is written to me. It is an area where I am struggling and need to encouragement and am challenging myself to keep going. Maybe you are feeling the same way. If so, I hope this will be a challenge and encouragement to you.

Caring for our physical body

Last week I wrote about sleep and a bit of how that is caring for our body. I do a good job most of the time getting sleep but this is my challenge. So keeping with the theme of caring for our physical body, this week we will consider the topic of nutrition.

If we are not caring for our physical body, can we really be and do what God has called us to do? We need to care for our physical body.

Are you like me and at times tired on the endless debates about whether a food is good for you or not good for you? There is research on both sides of each debate. It seems that for each article for a specific food or diet there is an article saying why that is not good.

I am not going to tell you what is good nutrition. I think each of us know what is healthy or can do the research. Each of us needs to know our bodies and what is good for our bodies.

Why is it important?

Our bodies are God’s temple. When we have company, we clean our house and keep it clean. Why do we allow our bodies to be run down? Pause and think about the fact that as a Christian our bodies are God’s temple. That should impact how we care for our body.  Let’s care for God’s temple. (I Corinthians 3:16-17)

Whatever we do needs to be done for God’s glory. I Corinthians 10:31 is specific in referencing eating and drinking. In eating and drinking we are to glorify God. That means that what we are eating and drinking should glorify God. If we consider this truth, how would our eating and drinking change?

There is some value to bodily training. (I Timothy 4:8) interesting that Paul uses the word training. Training gives the idea of learning, discipline, and practice. Training tells us that this is not easy but it something we need to keep working on.

How we can for our body shows gratitude. When we value something, we take care of it. When your favourite skirt gets a stain, we get out the stain remover to care for it. Do we really value our bodies? Let’s value our bodies and show God our gratitude.

Two of the passages above are from I Corinthians. Corinth in Paul’s time was a prominent centre of commence. I Corinthians also deals with the question of eating meat offered to idols. I am guessing that food was available and enjoyed there. It is also in I Corinthians that Paul gives instructions that now we refer to as The Lord’s Supper and discusses how they should not defile that with there eating and drinking.

I think our world today is like Corinth in Paul’s time. We live in a world with plenty of food and a wide variety. (I know there are places and individuals that do not have enough.) We splurge and enjoy food. Each of us has what we consider comfort food. We do need food but we need to be glorifying God in our eating.

Questions about caring for our bodies

Does good nutrition guarantee that we will be healthy? We life in a fallen world and have disease and sickness. So no, that does not guarantee health but it is the right thing do so. It honours God.

What is the goal of nutrition? Our goal should be to honour God. Each of us knows what that looks like for us.

What is your excuse? That is my question for you and me. Write them down and see what God says about those excuses.

I told you this is written for me as much as you. This is what I need. I need to write down my excuses and review what God has to say. I need to make some changes in this area. My goal is to lose weight. I have a renewed focus. What about you?

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