The foundation for faithfulness

The foundation for faithfulness

If I am honest with myself, I will admit that I do not always follow through with my intentions. I will also admit that I do not finish everything that I begin. (My stack of unfinished sewing projects is proof of that point.) I need something besides myself as my example of faithfulness. I am sure if you are honest with yourself, you would say the same thing. What is the foundation of faithfulness?

Foundation for Faithfulness

God is our foundation of faithfulness.

So if I say what verse speaks of God’s faithfulness? I am guessing that the majority would quickly turn to Lamentations 3:23. That’s what I did except instead of reading just verses 22 and 23 I went to the beginning of the chapter.

The author, likely Jeremiah, describes the situation using words like, has seen affliction (verse 1),  brought me into darkness without any light; (verse 2) my flesh and skin waste away (verse 4), and besieged, bitterness and tributlation (verse 5). That continues all the way to verse 21, “But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope.”

Hope in the midst of all those things listed comes from the steadfast love of the Lord and his mercies. God’s faithfulness is shown in his steadfast love and his mercy.

God is the foundation of faithfulness. It is not me trying and believing I can do it if I try hard enough. God is the foundation. He is the example of faithfulness.

It is helpful knowing that God is our foundation but how about an example of an individual.

David’s Example

I think we can learn a lot about a person by listening to what they have to say about their parents. Listen to what Solomon says in I Kings 3:6, “You have shown great and steadfast love to your servant David my father, because he walked before you in faithfulness, in righteousness, and in uprightness of heart towards you.”

Did you see what he said about his father? David walked in faithfulness. We know that David was king, he feared the Lord, he praised the Lord but there was that time when he was not faithful. Remember Bathsheba.

That gives me hope and encourages me. David sinned and yet he is considered faithful. When Nathan confronts David about his sin, David’s response is “I have sinned against the Lord.” (2 Samual 12:13).

So when you sin, when you are not faithful, acknowledge it and recognise that it is against the Lord. Confess your sin. Know that God will forgive you.

We are called to be faithful. That means following through with what we said we would do and finishing what we begin. This is not always easy but God is our example and he gives us strength.

Well done though good and faithful servant.

Here are some reflection questions to help you think about this. 

How does understanding God’s faithfulness help you be faithful?

Are there areas in your life that God is calling you to be faithful even when it is hard?

Do you have areas that you are failing in being faithful? Confess this to God.

This is part of the study on faithfulness.

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