Ready to set goals – You need to do this first.

Ready to set goals – You need to do this first.

Are you ready to begin setting goals for the new year? It is exciting to begin thinking about all the things you want to do in the new year. A whole year to do and be. We can rush in with a long list of goals we want to accomplish but if we do not plan we will fail and frustrate ourselves. Are you ready to set goals? You need to Know Yourself first.  That is the one thing you need to do first. 

Here are four areas in which you need to Know Yourself. 

Part One Know What is God is Calling You to do in the New Year – This gives you the foundation for your goals. There are seven things that each of us are called to do. As you go through your goals, they should build on this foundation. Take the time to review your goals with what God is calling you to do in the new year.

I took some time last week and sat at my favorite coffee shop with my notebook for 2019, and some extra paper. I began writing goals but didn’t get finished in an hour. Why? Because I am taking my time, reviewing the areas from last year, evaluating and then with lots of prayer making goals for the new year. I also spent time reviewing Know Yourself.

Part Two – You Need to Know Yourself to Write Achievable Goals – This part helps you to think through who you are and how God has created you. Each of us is unique and you need to write goals for you not for someone else. You need to write goals for you today not the you, you hope to be in the future. Know what you have done in previous years. Take the time to know yourself then write goals you can achieve.,

Part Three – The Three R’s you Need to Know – Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships are the three R’s. When you have a solid understanding of these you will be able to write goals that you can achieve. Your goals should work with your roles, responsibilities, and relationships. Know the Three R’s and you will be able to write achievable goals.

Part Four – How do you Live your Life – Understanding how you live, how your house works, and how those around you live will help you to write achievable goals. You want to write goals that work for you and your life. 

These four parts will help you to Know Yourself and write goals that you can achieve. Take your time and work through these four parts before setting goals. Goals need to be personalized and for you. Your goals will be different from others and might be different from previous years’ goals,. 

So that afternoon in the coffee shop, I reviewed my spiritual goals for 2018 evaluating what I did and began thinking about what I want to do in the coming year. I will share more about that in another post.

I also spent time praying before I wrote the goal in my notebook. My goals need to line up with what God wants me to be doing.   I realize that my goals might change as God reveals more of his plans for the year. I need to be careful that my goals do not become idols. 

Have you begun writing goals for the new year? Let’s make 2019 a year of growth. Know Yourself and Grow. 

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