Who Wears the Jeans?

Years ago I worked in international manufacturing. Once we had some suppliers from Asia visiting our office in the USA. My friend took some of them out shopping one evening. Edwin bought jeans for his wife. My friend asked him how he knew what size to buy. He said, “We wear the same size.”

We got a good laugh out of that. Wondering who wears the jeans? Meaning who is in control.

Who is in control of your life?

Life is out of control.

We fight for control.

Everything is under control.

We try to control the radio control car and it works until the battery dies or we get out of range. Then we lose control.

We try to control things but fail. To be in control is to feel that you have power but reality is we don’t have power.

So who is in control of your life?

If you could give control of your life to someone, who could you give it to? Someone who knows you, who is good, who is powerful.

Give control to the one who created you. God as your creator knows you. He made you. He knows your struggles. God knit you together. Give the control to one who knows you.

Give control to the someone who is powerful and mighty. God is all powerful. He is able to control nature, he sets kings on the throne. He is God and is in control of all things.

Give control to someone who is loving. God uses his power but in all this he is loving. God is good.

So why do we keep trying to control things when there is one that is qualified and ultimately is in control. Can you submit that God is control? Do you find that comforting? When you know God and who he is, you can submit and allow him the control that he already has. Don’t fight him.

Can you trust that God is in control when it feels like life is out of control? Remember who it is that is in control, the creator, all powerful, and loving God. Trust him that even when it doesn’t feel like he is control he is still there.

We want love being able to control our environment. We like the temperature to be at the comfortable degree where we are not too hot or too cold. God controls things but is it not always for our ease and comfort but for our good and for his glory. So just because it might not be comfortable doesn’t mean that he is not in control.

Are you trying to control things that you cannot control? Other people, circumstances. When we try to do this, we end up frustrated, exhausted, and angry. Submit to God’s control. Learn to trust him in all of life.

There are some things that we need to control. That is a topic that we will discuss in another post. That leads us to the topic of self-control which is next fruit of the Spirit.

So who wears the jeans? Is God in control or are you fighting him for control? Give him control and rest knowing that the creator who is all powerful and loving is in control.


Who is struggling between words and culture. I really wanted to say, “Who wears the pants?” as that is how it would be said in the USA but 4.5 years of living in the UK has taught me to say trousers as pants refer to a different garment, underwear. It didn’t seem right to say, “Who wears the trousers?” So I changed it to jeans and it was jeans that were purchased that time.

Give control to the one who knows you.


2 thoughts on “Who Wears the Jeans?

  1. Brittany

    It is so hard for me to let go of control sometimes, but the peace of mind that comes with letting go is truly inexplicable. Thanks for the gentle word to let me know that God has it from here.

    1. Beth Bullington Post author

      I agree it is hard to let go. Keeping allowing God and have that peace of mind. I was thinking of self-control but needed to pause and think about God is in control. At the same time I was reading a book, A New Name, about grace and anorexia.

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